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ITero 5D Plus Scanner – Latest Digital Impression

Are you interested in improving your smile using the latest iTero technology? Would you like faster results with more accurate treatment? 

While getting clear Invisalign is exciting, taking impressions of your teeth can be time-consuming and precise.

Thanks to the new iTero 5D plus scanner, you can have your dream smile in the near future while receiving the most advanced orthodontic care.

Speed, reliability, intuitive operation, and exceptional visualization make iTero intraoral scanners the perfect choice for general practitioners and orthodontic professionals.

Take a closer look at this innovative equipment!

What is it?

Within minutes, iTero’s intraoral scanners scan the patients’ mouths and transform them into three-dimensional dental images. Using intraoral scanners is easy, and one person can operate them. The user-friendly nature of these products helps dental professionals achieve the best results. Furthermore, compared with traditional two-dimensional images, their scans are more detailed.

How do iTero Intraoral Scanners work?

An intraoral scanner uses a wand moved around a patient’s mouth by a dental professional. The small wand on iTero intraoral scanners makes it possible for them to scan the last molars that were previously difficult to reach. Your orthodontist will use the iTero Element Scanner to take 3D scans of your teeth during your first visit for Invisalign treatment.

With iTero scanners, you and your orthodontist can see your teeth, jaw, and root structure in full color using a combination of laser and optical scanning. Your orthodontist will be able to develop a custom treatment plan based on these images.

What are the iTero scanner benefits?

1. It makes Invisalign orthodontics easier.

There is nothing like an iTero scanner for its effectiveness, portability, and unnoticeability. An iTero intraoral scanner can show patients how Invisalign treatment will look on their teeth. This technology improves the patient experience because they will know what to expect and feel more involved in their treatment plan. 

2. It is faster and saves time.

Gone are the days when we have to send physical molds to the lab. By using iTero, we can speed up the process of creating custom implant abutments, crowns, orthodontics appliances, Invisalign, and more. A full arch scan can be scanned in 60 seconds using this technology. Therefore, you will have a much faster appointment.

3. More comfortable for patients.

This Digital scanner is specially designed to fit comfortably in the mouth as only the tip of the digital scanner is inserted into the patient’s mouth. iTero’s small handheld wand enables patients to breathe and swallow easily while the iTero digital impression scans their bite.

In addition, there is absolutely no mess involved with digital scanning. Even patients with a very sensitive gag reflex can tolerate the procedure.

4. Next-level patient communication tools.

Your dentist can also see your scan immediately, allowing you to have candid conversations about your teeth and treatment options. You can see every aspect of your dental procedure in the dentist’s chair with the iTero.  

Talking with your dentist about your oral health has never been easier! In this way, you can form a treatment plan more quickly as both patient and provider are on the same page with the iTero.

5. More accurate impressions and fitting Invisalign.

The iTero scanner is incredibly accurate. The iTero allows your dentist to make accurate diagnoses and provide fast treatment by taking a perfect scan of your teeth.

Your dentist will have all the needed information regarding the health of your teeth, so imperfections cannot affect your treatment plan.

Are you ready to have a perfect smile with the latest technology?

If you are interested in Invisalign, it’s never too late to schedule an appointment with your dentist. The revolutionary technology of iTero helps you and your dentist get the smile you want as soon as possible with clarity and speed.

Whether you’re improving your smile, addressing a health concern, or preparing for the future, the iTero digital scanner is the perfect and fastest choice.

We at Lancaster Dental are excited to help you start your healthy smile journey with the iTero 5D plus scanners.