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Are You Brushing Correctly?

The way you brush your teeth probably needs to be corrected. The good news is that you can set everything right in less than two minutes.

Follow the 2 x 2 Rule

Twice daily, brush for two minutes. Upper left, upper right, lower right, and lower left are the four areas of your mouth. Malcolm instructs, “Spend 30 seconds on each quadrant.” Use a timer if necessary to ensure you’re giving your teeth enough care.

Brush Gently

Brush your teeth gently, using small circular motions or tooth-wide back-and-forth strokes rather than aggressively scrubbing. You should also hold electric toothbrushes with your fingertips when using them. This is also true for electric toothbrushes, which you should try to hold with your fingertips.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

It is bad enough that plaque builds up on the tongue, but the foul breath it causes can worsen it. Many of the 300 bacteria species on the tongue can be removed by gently brushing it. You can also use Special tongue-cleaning devices.

Easily cleanable, maintainable, and storable scrapers are available in major drug stores.


It is essential to remove trapped food and other waste products from between teeth using dental string or water-flossing devices. Nearly 40 percent of tooth surfaces are susceptible to bacterial damage if you don’t floss. Although some dentists recommend flossing twice daily, a single nighttime session is usually adequate. 

Replace Your Brush Regularly 

Every three to four months, you should get a new toothbrush. If your brush gets bent, worn, or dirty, you should get a new one sooner.

Make sure you store your brush properly.

Droplets of water can travel a surprising distance, so a toothbrush near a toilet can easily pick up the tiny feces released when you flush the toilet. The bristles of a toothbrush will only get dirty if it has a cover or a sanitizing container, which some brushes come with. To be extra careful, you should move brushes and other tools far from the bathroom.

Visit the dentist every six months.

People often think you only go to the dentist if something hurts, and that’s completely wrong. Without causing any pain, periodontal disease can cause bone loss and loose teeth. If you have periodontal disease, you should visit your dentist for a check-up twice a year.


Good overall health, healthy eating, and regular exercise contribute to thriving teeth. Smoking, eating too much sugar, and not caring for yourself have the opposite effect. Ensure you keep those pearly whites for as long as possible by following the basic tooth-care guidelines, avoiding the bad stuff, and taking care of them properly.