6 Teeth Healthy Foods

Your oral health is important to us in Lancaster Texas, try incorporating these foods into your diet to promote healthy teeth. We even included a few recipes for you to try at home. ?

1. Cheese

Cheese is low in sugar and high in Calcium which makes it the perfect “teeth healthy” food. The milk protein Casein, found in cheese, helps to fortify the enamel of your teeth giving you a strong, healthy smile.

2. Celery

Celery contains a lot of water, which is good for your whole body, not only your teeth. Celery’s structure encourages a lot of chewing, causing saliva production which helps to keep your mouth clean and free of decay. Plus, let’s face it, who doesn’t love celery and peanut butter?

3. PearsPears neutralize the acid in your mouth.

They can make a great alternative for processed foods that may contain a lot of added sugar. Try this easy Pear Butter recipe as a substitute for other spreads high in fat and sugar.

4. Sesame SeedsSesame seeds help to reduce plaque buildup.

They encourage healthy teeth by remineralizing tooth enamel. Try this recipe, including a few of our “teeth healthy” foods.

5. Salmon

Salmon is a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is critical for oral health since it allows your body to absorb and use calcium, a nutrient that protects your teeth and gums from disease. If you like Salmon, try this Sesame Crusted Salmon recipe that combines two of our “teeth healthy” foods.

6. Water

Though we all know that water is good for us, many of us struggle to drink enough water throughout the day. Water washes away food particles and keeps your mouth moist. Is can be a great substitute for sugary drinks, like soda. Fluoridated water, found in most cities, helps prevent tooth decay.



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