As another holiday season comes to a close and 2020 draws near, you are probably starting to think about resolutions for the new year. Whether it is creating a budget or choosing a healthier lifestyle, it is a perfect time to set new goals. Lancaster Dental Lancaster Texas wants to be a part of your dental hygiene resolutions for your family in the new year!


As a parent, your job never ends. Every day there are many items a parent has to take care of for their child. Here at Lancaster Dental Lancaster Texas, we encourage parents to make your child’s dental hygiene a priority in 2020 and beyond. In prioritizing good habits and following these tips for making and keeping dental hygiene resolutions while they are still young, you are able to prevent a lot of dental health problems in their future!


Many goals in the new year include eating healthier foods! As we make changes in our diets, we are able to pass them onto our children as well. The best way to protect your child’s teeth in 2020 is by substituting sugary drinks with water. By drinking more water it has shown to prevent cavities.


As your child grows and starts wanting to do more things on their own, they will want to brush their teeth on their own. dentists Lancaster Dental Lancaster Texas suggest you brush and floss your child’s teeth until they are coordinated enough to tie their own shoes, which is usually around six years of age.

It is still recommended that you should remain involved to make sure brushing is being done properly.

Allowing your children the opportunity to brush their teeth themselves at first will help establish independence and good practice. Parents should always check after to make sure brushing and flossing was done thoroughly.


Brushing and flossing should always be done a minimum of twice a day, once in the morning and once before your child goes to bed. Flossing should begin as soon as your child has two or more teeth that touch, which is usually between ages two to six years old. Once a child’s teeth start to fit closely together, usually between the ages of two and six.

It is important for parents to start developing the habit of teaching their children to floss each day. Around the age of ten years old, children should start to be able to floss their teeth on their own. Brushing without taking the time to floss only cleans three out of the five surfaces of your child’s teeth.

Make sure to emphasize the importance of flossing to your child. It is much easier to develop good oral health habits at a younger age than trying to change them as an adult.


According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, dental exams should begin when your child’s first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. Early positive experiences will reinforce the idea that the dental office is a friendly, non-threatening place. Taking care of your child’s oral health from an early age and developing good oral health habits will give them a much better chance of having healthy teeth as an adult. .



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